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WE3 Supply Chain Solutions Pvt Ltd is an emerging leader in the market by being a single-window solution for all your domestics supply chain needs. The WE3 supply chain is a subsidiary company of Pannest Integrated Services Pvt Ltd which is a pioneer in primary & secondary distribution along with last-mile & reverse logistics. With its strong network in all the metropolitan cities & ODA regions PAN India through all 3 mode Rail, Air & Surface & services like FTL/LTL, milk run, cross-docking, city distribution, etc.

WE3 supply chain solutions is growing rapidly at PAN India level in warehousing solutions, designing, managing & operating all sort of services with respect to all the sectors in the market with adequate owned & outsourced resources, IT proficiency, skilled personnel. At WE3 supply chain solutions, we take pride in closer customer relationships & transparency in business transactions. We trust in forming win-win situations & commit to maintaining the utmost accuracy of the deliverables.

To focus on customer loyalty & make it a goal of the Organisation.

Is to emerge as one of the most admired & preferred supply chain service providers with a blend of unique value add services.

To meet and exceed customer’s expectation by providing quality service.

We all at WE3 supply chain solutions Pvt ltd, together are committed to surpassing customers' expectations continuously, adding value in the domain supply chain will remain our prime objective.

Committed to improvising capabilities, processes & resources based on customer feedback & industry trends.

We aim to establish a “competitive edge & win-win” situation in all their business Endeavour.

We as an organization will remain committed to avoiding national wastage & environmental contaminations.

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Our Best Services

3PL Warehousing & Ecommerce Fulfilment

  • We3 Supply Chain Solutions Pvt Ltd is a “3PL Warehousing service provider” headquartered in Mumbai, specialized for the “supply chain optimization”. Our warehousing services can help you optimize your inventory, logistics, packaging, facility, operations, reporting patterns, etc.
  • Our focus is on “providing warehousing services” to the companies in “B2B” sector. We offer a wide range of “Warehousing Processes”, including inventory management, logistics solutions and packaging.
  • Our warehousing services helps businesses focus on their supply chain pattern and offer Cost-Reduction methods. Our major clients are from the sectors of consumer durables, pharmaceutical, fmcg, toys, home interiors, financial institutes and packaging.
  • 3PL Warehousing is committed to provide the best logistics solution to its clients. With our transportation network covering over 15000+ pincodes PAN India we are able to ship your merchandise in total security, 24/7.

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On Demand Warehousing

  • During peak seasons, customers usually find the size of the warehouse a little compact as compared to the rest of the time. This is due to rising demand of the products and inadequate space in the warehouse.
  • Similar problem is faced by small business owners, as they require lesser space to run their operations and generally are not entertained by general Warehousing companies.
  • At We3 Supply Chain Solutions Pvt Ltd, we have come up with “On-Demand Warehousing” which does not restrict you into buying a minimum guaranteed space. Just outsource your operations to us, and let us do “Order Fulfilment / Management” for you.

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Order Fulfilment Services

We3 Supply Chain Solutions has a team of experts and a platform that provides you with Order management, Inventory management, and Fulfilment solution for your business. With the help of our expert team and our Technology backup, you can improve your Supply Chain Fluency and reduce your Supply Chain Cost substantially*. We process orders for India’s few big businesses and are on a path to do the same for a lot more. We are one of the best Warehousing Service providers with almost 100% accuracy in order processing and timely dispatch. When it comes to inventory management, we have achieved excellence in this field.

We3 Supply Chain Solutions has a team of experts and a platform that provides you with Order management, Inventory management, and Fulfilment solution for your business.


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Contract Logistics & Warehouse

  • With PAN India Presence WE3 supply chain is efficiently catering its services to all the sectors in the market, our capability of constantly evolving & adapting technology makes us a key component in customer’s business goals.
  • With its multi-user facility & shared resources, the WE3 supply chain is being successful in providing cost-effective solutions/service with no compromise in the deliverables. We understand & focus on each & every aspect of a specific project & aim for a customized solution to bridge the gap between actual requirement & service.

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Supply Chain Consultancy

  • The supply chain of every industry has its unique requirement & complexities, depending on the need of the hour supply chain must adapt to changes to tackle all the obstacles efficiently. Proper planning & execution of the supply chain is an important factor for any business to be successful.
  • With the vast experience of our experts in the logistics industry, we understand the requirement of each business to derive & deliver a unique tailor-made solution.
  • Just deriving is not the only solution, its implementation in the desired way is of utmost importance, we also take the ownership of implementing the project & then handing it over to the concerned team of the business.
  • We take our deep interest in designing a supply chain right from primary transportation, proper warehouse location & selection, designing the layout of the warehouse, planning to the scope of operations, planning of manpower, packaging solutions, IT solutions, adequate training & product knowledge, secondary transportation with the selection of the mode of transport, reverse logistics, implementation.

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Warehouse Management System

  • As supply chain industry is evolving at a pace like never before, it has become considerably difficult to manage it traditionally. Even to this date, a lot of companies have been relying on traditional book keeping methods and excel to deal with its information management task.
  • WMS used by We3 Supply Chain Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one dynamic tool that keeps you updated with its real-time feature. Be it daily Warehouse Operations or Ecommerce Order Management, our WMS is designed in such a way that it could meet your demands no matter how complicated your operations.
  • After years of research and analysis, we have associated ourselves with the best Warehouse Management System that helps us run our daily operations as well as helps us with real-time information flow. Join hands with us to take full benefits of our WMS.

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